A busy few weeks ahead

I have a few busy but exciting weeks ahead. I'm currently in Surrey for the week, staying at a lovely B&B, which is such a welcomed break from the standard and clinical feeling hotels I'm often in. Having a bar within 30 steps from my room is also an added bonus! ;)

Saturday morning I fly to Hanoi and I cannot wait. This is the first time in 8 years I've had the opportunity to go to Vietnam for work, and this is the first time I'll stay a few extra days for personal time. I hope I'll have the chance to visit Ha Long Bay, and other areas within a day trip from Hanoi, but I'm more interested in seeing the culture and get a feel for the country - which everyone I know who's travelled there has said is amazing. No Sheraton or generic hotel this time either. I managed to find a little boutique hotel right in the heart of the Old Quarter (for £45 a night!). From what I can see on Google maps, as soon as I step out of the front door, I'll be in the melee and chaos of the small streets of the city. From a photography point of view, it couldn't be any better.

I'll be back from Vietnam on the following Sunday, and barely in the country for 18 hours before flying out to Rome for the week. That is another trip I'm looking forward to. Despite having been there a few times already, I feel that I'm a different photographer to what I was like then.....over 3 years ago. I no longer look for that one killer shot, but focus more on the little things, and the shots that show a place for what it really is.....and tell a story. Due to where I'm working there, I'll also be staying in a small boutique style hotel right in the narrow streets on the city. Just as in Hanoi, and like most places I visit, my standard routine here will very much be......get back to the hotel.....change.....freshen up.......grab camera......out.

Then I get a break......I hope! No doubt I'll have hundreds and hundreds of photos to go through, and I'll try to put a journal/story together for each one. A busy few weeks for sure, but a time I hope to look back on saying......it was worth it.