Tràng An

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when we reached Tràng An, apart from we were going on a boat. The weather hadn’t improved at all, and the persistent drizzle was still ongoing. 

The boat trip turned out to be a huge tour of what I can only describe as a sort of inland Ha Long Bay. After putting on a plastic cagoule and lifejacket we boarded our little boat with two Vietnamese tourists and our guide, and set off. It was shortly after this point that the heavens opened and thunderstorm hit the area. 

A Vietnamese couple on the boat with us were kind enough to lend us one of their umbrellas (thank you!), and this was the only thing from keeping us from getting completely drenched. I’m doing my best to keep my camera dry, as we see many other boats in front of us turn around and head back. We had only left 10 minutes or so ago by this point!

Luckily the rain eventually stopped, so we could see this spectacular scenery even more clearly.