Project 365

I'll soon be starting something I've wanted to try for many years, a 365 project. Taking a photo everyday, for one year. 


I've made the decision to shoot this project entirely on film, using one film only - Kodak Tri-X 400. This is mainly because I want the series of photos to have the same 'look', even though the content may vary wildly. So why use my film camera as opposed to my Fujis? Well.....I'm still very much enjoying shooting on film, and I thought this project would be the perfect opportunity to use it more, and learn a great deal in the process (I hope!). Of course doing the project on film does have its downsides, mainly that I won't be able to update the project everyday, as I'll have to wait for the film(s) to be developed and scanned before posting. I'm not quite sure how I'll tackle this hurdle. I guess it depends on how quickly I finish each film, and what I photographed. I'm certainly not taking the approach that one 36 exposure film will last me 36 days. I'll be taking many photos on certain days I hope, but I'm sure there will be many days where I'll struggle to find the motivation/inspiration to take even one frame. That's the challenge I suppose!

The thought of remembering to take the camera with me everywhere I go in itself will be a challenge! 

I'm avoiding the cliched start of the project of New Years Day, instead I'll be starting at some point later in the year, I will create a separate blog for the project, so stay tuned......