Hong Kong

I was fortunate enough to travel to what has to be one of my favourite cities in the world, for work. I was there for four days, and I was certainly going to make the most of my time off before and after work itself. I'd like to say I know my way around the city pretty well now, as this was my fifth trip there. I also spent almost two weeks there on holiday over Christmas and New Year a couple of years ago, check out this post to see my photo story from that trip.  

I love travelling to Asia, I'm always excited to visit new countries there. Hong Kong, despite being probably the most 'western' Asian city (which makes sense given its history), has to be my favourite. I used to hate big cities, but Hong Kong has a certain 'feel' about it. The chaos, the noise, and the sheer density of the place.....it had me hooked. In fact, upon returning home from our holiday there, my girlfriend said to me 'I could easily live there". One day maybe.....

I had a great time there, both at work and in my free time. The weather was not so great, very overcast and an almost constant light drizzle for the first couple of days. Things eventually brightened up, and sure enough, on my last day the weather was fantastic. I always seem to have the best weather on the day I leave!

Most of my wandering was either in central Hong Kong, where I was staying, or in Kowloon. The MTR to work passed right through here, and I was keen to visit more areas I hadn't explored fully before, particularly Mong Kok. There's also a brilliant camera shop there specialising in film photography. The guys there are super friendly, I was there for probably 20 minutes talking geek about various cameras, whilst trying not to buy another one! I couldn't walk out empty handed, so walked out with a couple of rolls of Tri-X for my 365 project, and some 120 film.

I can never resist a visit to the peak either for the best views of the city, but I wanted to try a new spot. The plan was to catch the sunrise, which was early enough for me to make the trip up and down in time to make it to work too. Once at the peak station, take a walk down Luggard Road for about 15 minutes and you'll reach a spectacular look out spot. In my opinion the view is better than at the top of the Sky Terrace, and best of all it's free! If like me you want to catch the sunrise, the peak tram isn't open that early, but a taxi from the central area to the top was about 70HKD. 

I took my 35mm camera with me, and had a great time shooting with that too. I hope the shots come out, as I finished 5 rolls! I'll post up a separate post for them when I get them developed. This set was taken with a Fuji X-T2 and 23mm f1.4  and 56mm f1.2 lenses.