Golden Hour at 244m

Back in September last year, I went down to London to experience the Open House event for the first time. Essentially, this free to attend event exhibits some of London's finest and most elusive buildings, with the chance to enter quite a few buildings that are otherwise strictly off limits to the public.

Although not part of the Open House event, one building I had yet to visit was the Shard. London's tallest and most striking new building. I always seem a bit unlucky with the weather whenever I plan to go to any tall building with amazing views, but one evening the forecast was looking promising so we decided to head over.

The top is split into two floors, the lower of the two being 'indoors' - as obvious as that may sound! The second floor however allows you to feel almost outside, as there is no roof as such, just the external structure of the building. So if you ever plan to visit in the colder months, as we did, make sure you dress for cold and windy weather!

Luckily for us it wasn't too busy, so we spent a good couple of hours chilling out at the top, waiting for the sunset - with probably the best view in London......