Notting Hill Carnival

I must admit when I planned our bank holiday in London, I had no idea that the carnival was on the same weekend. It's never been something I had ever thought of making the trip to London just to visit, but as we were here, it would seem rude not to visit one of the world's most renowned street parties! 

If there is one tip I can pass on to those thinking of making the trip there......go early!!

Not only was it really surreal to walk around all the completely closed streets, normally filled with cars and traffic, but we encountered very little crowds or queues on the underground. By the time we left, the crowds pouring out of the underground stations was unbelievable. Trust me, go early and make a whole day of it - there's a lot more going on than you might think.

If you ever needed a camera to capture the smells and sounds of an event, then this would be it! There were barbecues and street food everywhere. I'm glad we skipped breakfast so we could make the most of just a tiny part of it. There were almost as many speaker systems as barbecues too. Loud, and smelling amazing. Those would be my initial observations as a first timer!

We visited on the Sunday, supposedly the 'quieter and calmer' of the three days. Despite this, the party atmosphere was amazing, there was such a positive energy and feel about the place.

Something you have to feel for yourself.