This is only my second post this year……..THIS YEAR! I really haven’t been using any of my cameras much lately, everything has just taken second place to my triathlon training. At least that is going well, as I completed my first proper event the other week, the Staffordshire 70.3 Iron Man, in a pretty respectable 4:49.24.

I also haven’t been travelling as much recently, something I’m certainly not complaining about, but the combination of less travel and photography taking second place has only meant one thing. I still have several rolls of film sitting on my desk from the middle of last year that still need developing, to finish my 365 project. Thankfully I did actually finish it, I have just been super lazy with sending them off.

I will pick up my cameras more now, I’ve got to the point I miss walking around aimlessly, camera in hand. These two photos were from a brief visit to Cairo, but there was time in the evening for a quick visit to see the Pyramids.