Being one of the closest capital cities to the UK, Paris has long been overdue a visit. Despite having travelled there on a few occasions for work, I could never really say that I’ve ‘been there’. This bustling city is home to many iconic 'must see' landmarks, but it wasn’t just this that attracted me this time. I love being able to wake up in the morning with no real plan, just a vague direction you want to travel in, exploring endless streets as you go. Paris is perfect for this.

We were there for eight days, and our hotel was the fantastic Hotel Saint Marc. This modern style hotel is just a short walk from the Louvre, and a great starting point for visiting most major attractions – if of course you are walking! Paris is such a great city for people watching that it’s a shame to use to metro. If like us, you’ll end up walking miles and miles each day, but with so many cafes and bars around, when your feet can’t take anymore simply grab a coffee, sit outside and watch the world go by.

On this occasion, I’ve chosen not to write about each part of my story, but simply let the photos do the talking. Paris is full of instantly recognisable features and places, that they simply need no introduction. Hopefully they may serve as great inspiration as to why you must visit this beautiful city, or reminders of past trips.


These were our eight days in the City of Light….

Singapore - take two

On my return journey from New Zealand, I had to make a quick stop in Singapore. I only had to work there for one day, but being a Friday, I was able to stay a little longer and return home on Saturday night. So one almost full day to explore what is becoming one of my favourite cities for photography (and visiting in general!)

I follow quite a few photographers on Instagram, and I was able to meet up with Jethro Hoon ( He was kind enough to show me around some of the lesser known spots of the city on both Friday night, and the majority of Saturday.


Back on the road

I've been far too quiet with the camera recently. Despite having been on a few trips abroad recently , none I've had the opportunity to take any worthwhile photos. 

This week I'm back in Taiwan, and I had some spare time before work to have a quick wander around. Taipei 101 was on the list of places to visit - the once tallest building in the world. You certainly get an awesome view from the top, where you can really see the sheer size and density that is Taipei.