This was just short two day visit to celebrate my partner’s birthday. In hindsight, we didn’t pick the best time of year to visit! Firstly it was exam time, and being a large university city, this meant most of the colleges and university buildings were closed to the public. Secondly, on the last day the city was preparing for a large politician’s debate for the upcoming UK general election.

Furthermore, we even had some sunshine! Which is a rarity, even in late May!

If you’re looking for somewhere really special for dinner, I can thoroughly recommend Midsummer House. We visited one evening, and it was probably the most amazing culinary experience I’ve ever had. I would have loved to have taken my camera, but I thought constantly snapping away in a Michelin 2 star restaurant isn’t really the best practice….despite the dishes looking like works of art in themselves!

These were all taken with the Fuji X-T1 and 23mm f/1.4 lens.