Wellington - Part 3

The weekend quickly came around, and although I still hadn't adjusted to the time zone yet, I had a free day on Saturday before flying on to my next stop.  

Another great day wandering the streets of Wellington.


Any beer lover has to make a stop at the Garage Project. One of NZ's more reputable craft breweries, it's must visit. Make sure you check out the taproom across the road from the brewery itself too. Such a great line up of beers, with really friendly staff to help you make a selection (or a few!)


Wellington - Part 1

My second trip to Wellington. These were all taken either on the walk to or from work. Being their Winter at the moment, sunrise was relatively late, and sunset quite early. That worked out great for me, as I had the best light of the day when I had the chance to get my camera out. 


Finally, a quick stop off at the Rogue & Vagabond. A great place to visit if you're after a lively bar, or an amazing selection of craft beers.