I'm not quite sure how I ended up at the top of an empty multi storey car park during my evening wander around Leicester, but I thought it was worth a photo while I was there.

I've have a few exciting trips coming up soon, including a trip to my No.1 place on my 'must visit' list - Vietnam. I'll be in Hanoi at the end of April and I cannot wait! I'll only back back in the country for a day before flying out to Rome for the week too. I'm not sure what photo opportunities I'll get there, but we'll see......

A quick wander around Leicester

I'm almost at the end of my brief trip to Leicester, and it was only this evening that I had a chance to walk about. The weather was on my side (for once!), so these are from a quick walk about. 

If you're a gin lover, then you have to check out 45 West Distillers (http://www.45westdistillers.com). I only stumbled on this by walking past, and was drawn to the countless gin bottles in the window. The staff are great and can offer advice on the best G&T for you. After two drinks, and a bottle of their gin, I moved on!

Still love this staircase. It's a treat to find one at all, let alone walk up one to your room everyday.